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The Business and Trade of Ahava – An Update

The following update reveals valuable new information discovered by Who Profits: additional companies in Ahava’s supply chain, natural resources from occupied territories and new EU funded research projects.

In May 2012, Who Profits published a comprehensive report about the business and trade of Ahava – Dead Sea laboratories. The private Israeli cosmetic company is located in Mitzpe Shalem settlement in the occupied Jordan Valley, where it manufactures its products and exports them to more than 25 countries around the world.

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Rami Levy’s new real estate venture in the West Bank

Israeli supermarket tycoon Rami Levy appears intent on becoming a real estate developer in the occupied West Bank by building new shopping centers in illegal settlements.

Rami Levy is in a position that would allow him establish a large mall on “virgin land” because the Israeli authorities have prevented Palestinian businesses from competing with Israelis.

Levy’s plan would take advantage of the fact that Palestinians do not have other large-scale retail facilities. A flourishing market in Bir Nabala was destroyed by Israel’s wall in the West Bank. And venturing into West Jerusalem is not an option for Palestinians, most of whom live below the poverty line.

Although there is every likelihood that the Israeli authorities will portray Levy’s mall as beneficial to Palestinians, there are important facts to be remembered. Palestinians entering his mall will not be exercising the right of a consumer to informed choice. Rather, they will be captive clients — belonging to an occupied people.

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McDonald’s refuses to open a branch in Ariel, Burger Ranch offers to take its spot

According to media reports McDonald’s Israel has refused an offer by Rami Levy to open a branch of its restaurant chain in a mall planed to be built in the West Bank settlement of Ariel. As a response the Israeli fast-food chain Burger Ranch, had offered to take McDonald’s spot.

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