The Israeli Ministry of Defense

G4S Announces the Sale of its Activities in Israel

G4S, the British-Danish security corporation, announced on 9 March that it intends to sell the entire corporate activity of G4S Israel.

The Israeli Ministry of Defense expands HP’s biometric system in checkpoints

In 2011, the Basel system was installed in the following checkpoints: Jericho, Bethlehem (Ma'avar Rachel), Jenin, Nablus, Tulkarem, Hebron, Abu Dis, Tarkumia and the Ephraim Gate (Sha'ar Efraim, Irtach); and in the Erez checkpoint in Gaza.

Iron Dome and the Likes of Her / Hedva Isachar

On the sixth day of the “Pillar of Cloud” war, the report Losing Humanity: The Case Against Killer Robots was published. This is a first research of its kind conducted by Human Rights Watch and Harvard Law School’s International Human Rights Clinic (IHRC). Its publication has opened an international campaign initiated by HRW for formulating an international treaty against development, production and use of fully autonomous weapons.