Magna B.S.P
מגנ"א בי אס פי

An Israeli security company based in Dimona, which manufactures surveillance equipment and technology.

Its products have been installed in the Old city of Jerusalem (located in East Jerusalem), Israeli prisons and the Ben Gurion Airport. In the aftermath of the assault on Gaza in the summer of 2014, the company publicly revealed its proposition to surround the Gaza strip with mass surveillance equipment, a project that is estimated to exceed USD 150,000 per kilometer.

Nesher’s Involvement in the Occupation

Following publications on the UN-sponsored agreement for the reconstruction of Gaza, Who Profits received many questions regarding the involvement of Israeli corporations in the procurement contracts in the reconstruction agreements. Some of these queries dealt specifically with the origin of the natural resources used by Nesher Israel Cement Enterprises - one of the Israeli suppliers profiting from the aid funds invested in the rebuilding of the Strip.

L-3 Communications

Provider of homeland defense products and services.

Chemonics International

An international for-profit aid and development company.

The company is the prime contractor for a US AID project to improve commercial cargo transport in Israeli checkpoints in the West Bank and Gaza. Under this contract, the company supplied advisory services, technical assistance and procurement of security equipment and technology.

Elbit Systems
אלביט מערכות

An Israel-based international "defense electronics company", which operates in the areas of aerospace, land and naval systems, command, control, communications, computers, intelligence and surveillance. 

The company remains one of the main providers of the electronic detection fence system to the Separation Wall project in the West Bank. The company's products are heavily relied upon by the Israeli Army in almost every military operation launched at the Gaza Strip.

BlueBird Aero Systems
בלו בירד איירו סיסטמס

The company manufactures and supplies tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) for surveillance. The company provides UAVs  to the Israeli Army and the Ministry of Defense.


A homeland security company that develops software solutions for security systems. DefenSoft's primary product, the Lighthouse, is a system for boundary security design. Applications for this software include borders and coastlines, military bases, airports and seaports.

The company has provided the Israeli army with the defense array design for the separation wall in the occupied West Bank, and around the Gaza Strip.

Controp Precision Technologies
קונטרופ טכנולוגיות מדוייקות

The company manufactures electro-optical intrusion detection systems. These surveillence products are installed on poles, borders, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and aerostats (balloons).


The company develops, manufactures and markets unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for governments all around the world and for military and civilian entities in Israel. The company also supplies aerial intelligence surveillance products. Company products are manufactured through its subsidiaries’ direct material support; its technological equipment is supplied by Commtact,  the navigation systems by Al Cielo, and the artillery fuse by Orion.