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Past Corporate Involvement: Construction on Occupied Land

Generally, when a company withdraws from the occupied Palestinian territory or ends its involvement in the occupation, it is considered to be non-complicit in the Israeli occupation. Yet, when it comes to companies involved in construction and infrastructure projects, the corporate involvement does not end in the mere act of withdrawal. Construction projects continue to function as permanent evidence that maintain the ongoing Israeli control over Palestinian land and resources.

SodaStream Update | May 2013

The Origin of SodaStream Products

In the last few months, SodaStream representatives have repeatedly claimed that the company's products distributed in Western Europe are manufactured within Israel and not in the SodaStream's main factory in the settlement of Mishor Edomim.

Two occupation profiteers collaborate in a joint sale

Soda Stream is a manufacturer of home carbonating devices and flavorings for soft drinks. Its main production site is located in the settlement industrial zone of Mishor Adumim in the occupied West Bank.