Benny & Tzvika
בני וצביקה

A demolition contractor operating in East Jerusalem, which specializes in demolition works and recycling of construction waste. The company carried out punitive demolitions in the Palestinian neighborhood of Silwan in East Jerusalem as far back as 2003, and continued to perform demolitions in recent years. Among its clients are the Jerusalem Municipality, the Ministry of Interior and the Civil Administration. The company describes itself as “the leading demolition company in the Israeli Market.”

E.T. Legal Services
א.ט. שרותים משפטיים

A private Israeli company, which carries out writs of execution, including evictions, seizures and demolitions.

Yaaz Construction & Development
י.ע.ז חברה לבניה ופיתוח

An Israeli construction, development and demolition company, contracted by the Jerusalem Municipality for demolitions. Soon after it was founded in 1971, the company established itself as a contractor for security-related construction works. The company initially engaged in the construction of a separation fence between Eilat and Aqaba on the Israeli south-eastern border and in the construction of the Bar Lev Line  – a chain of fortifications built by Israel along the eastern coast of the Suez Canal in the Sinai Peninsula, which was captured from Egypt during the 1967 War.


A Japanese multinational engineering and electronics company, which supplies products and services in the fields of information and telecommunication systems, power systems, social infrastructure systems and industrial systems. Its construction machinery segment manufactures hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders and mining machinery.

As of 2009, Hitachi products are distributed in the Israeli market through an exclusive local representative: C.M.D. Engineering Equipment Supplies Co.

Union Motors
יוניון מוטורס

An automotive retailer and the sole distributor of Toyota Motor Corporation in the Israeli market.

Toyota Motor Corporation

A multinational automobile manufacturer headquartered in Aichi, Japan. Through its Israeli sole distributor - Union Motors, Toyota supplies vehicles to the Israeli armed forces.

Colmobil Corporation
קבוצת כלמוביל

The company is Israel’s largest motor-vehicle importer and distributor. Colmobil is the sole distributor of Mitsubishi Motors in the Israeli market. It also represents Mercedes Benz, Smart and Hyundai Motors.

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation
מיצובישי מוטורס

A multinational automobile manufacturer headquartered in Minato, Tokyo

The Mitsubishi Pajero Model is been used by the Israeli civil administration for the distribution of demolition and confiscation orders in Area C in the West Bank. The Pajero model also serves hundreds of senior officers in the Israeli Army since 2007.

Hyundai Heavy Industries

Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) is the world's largest shipbuilder and among the top five manufacturers in other heavy industries.