A global company of irrigation technology based in Israel. The company provides services and training to farmers and agriculture companies around the world. 

Kedem Hadarim
קדם הדרים

A marketer and exporter of organic and non-organic fruits and vegetables.

Kedem Hadarim’s boxes were found in Na’aran and Tomer settlements' packing houses in the occupied Jordan Valley.

Genesis Land Dates/N.S Water and maintenance services
תמרים מארץ בראשית/נ.ש שירותי מים ואחזקה

An agricultural water service company, which also grows organic Medjool dates in the occupied Jordan Valley and exports them mainly to Europe. 

D. Hay Marketing of Agricultural Product
ד. חי שיווק תוצרת חקלאית

Exporter of Medjool dates.

The company’s boxes were found in the Naaran and Tomer settlements' packing houseses.

Bickel group
קבוצת ביקל

Marketer and exporter of organoc and non-organic agricultural produce and flowers.

Business on forbidden land: Danish business relations with the Israeli occupation

A New report by Dan Watch revels the Danish business relations with the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land and resources.

The report describes the reality of occupation and the separation wall, the violations of the freedom of movement, the oppressive Palestinian labour in settlements and the aggravation of Settler violence.

Tamar Hazahav
תמר הזהב

Producer and exporter of organic and and non-organic Mejdool dates.

Tamar Hazahav grows Mejdool dates in the Tomer settlement in the occupied Jordan Valley. The company is owned by settlers from Tomer. The company’s boxes of organic Medjool dates were found in the Na'aran settlement packing house in the occupied Jordan Valley on 29 April 2012.

Tamar Hazahav markets Medjool Dates and organic Medjool Dates to the European market under the label "Tamari". 

Vered Hatamar
ורד התמר

Grower and marketer of Medjool Dates.

Vered Hatamar grows and exports Medjool dates from the occupied Jordan Valley. The company is located in the settlement of Vered Yericho in the occupied Jordan Valley and the company's date groves are located in the occupied Northern Dead Sea area. 

Mata Tmarim, one of the owners of Vered Hatamer, is also a date export company, located in the settlement of Vered Yericho.

Aluma (The Best Produce)
(אלומה (דה-בסט פרודיוס

Aluma is a fruit and vegetables export company.

The company exports peppers, courgettes, melons, grapes and tomatoes. In addition, the company exports organic cherry tomatoes, peppers and melons from the occupied Dead Sea area, as well as grapes and dates from the occupied Jordan Valley. Aluma also markets products that were packed in the Tomer and Na'aran settlements' packing houses.

In addition, Aluma exports mangos and organic mangos from the occupied Golan Heights.


The company owns and operates organic date plantations, packing house and a visitor center in the occupied Jordan Valley. 

Zorganika's main office and factory is located in the settlement of Hamra. The company owns about 100 acres of date groves in the Zarzir enclave, in the southern occupied part of the Jordan Valley, between the settlements of Hamra and Argaman. The Zarzir enclave is called by the Israeli army "Ayala enclave", the name of Ayala Smith, the co-owner of Zorganika.