Eye in the Sky: New Aerial Surveillance Systems and the Jerusalem Light Rail


The Jerusalem Light Rail is the first of several lines included in Jerusalem’s planned mass-transit system. The rail (also known as the Red Line) became fully operational in December 2011. Since then, its trams carry some 130,000 passengers a day, along a 13.8 kilometer route from West Jerusalem to the settlement of Pisgat Zeev in occupied East Jerusalem, crossing the Green Line and the Palestinian neighborhoods of Shuafat and Beit Hanina.

في صيانة نظام "بيزيل" حتّى نهاية العام 2015 HP سوف تستمرّ شركة

لشركة HP تعاقد مع وزارة الدّفاع الإسرائيليّة لصيانة نظام "بيزيل" للقياس الحيويّ (البيومتري) في حواجز الضّفة الغربيّة وغزّة حتّى نهاية العام 2015.

وبحسب الجواب الذي قدّمه وزير الدّفاع الإسرائيلي، ردًّا على استفسارٍ قدّمه مركز "من يربح" من باب حرّيّة المعلومات، فهنالك تعاقد مع شركة HP لصيانة نظام القياس الحيويّ في حواجز الضّفة الغربيّة وغزّة حتّى نهاية العام 2015.

DJI - DaJiang Innovation Technology Company

A Chinese company headquartered in Shenzhen, which produces commercial UAVs. Company UAVs are commonly used in the fields of filmmaking, agriculture, search and rescue, energy infrastructure and surveillance. DJI is most known for its 'Phantom' - an unmanned mini quadrotor helicopter, which has become popular amongst aerial photographers.


An aeronautics company specialized in UAV aerial photography. The company has a commercial license from the Israeli Civil Aviation Authority, the first of its kind in Israel, to operate unmanned miniature air vehicles (UAVs). It is also the first Israeli civil company authorized to use UAVs for surveillance and crowd control proposes.

Elbit Systems' Complicity in the Assault on Gaza 2014

Elbit Systems, is an Israeli based manufacturer of military, security and surveillance equipment known for its Unmanned Aerial Vehicles UAVs and land weapons. Over the past decade Elbit systems has gained increasing revenue by selling its products to the Israeli Army.

Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD)

Manufactur of the Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD), which is an acoustic hailing device and sonic weapon, many times refered to as "the Scream". The device has been used several times in the West Bank.

According to a press release by the LRAD Corporation from 29 June 2011, the company received an "open order" from Israel's Ministry of Defense. The initial $293,000 order for the LRAD 100X and 500X systems was set to be shipped during the business quarter of that announcement. 

MAN Group
קבוצת מאן

One of the largest European commercial vehicles, engines and mechanical engineering companies. 

MAN is a supplier of trucks, buses, diesel engines, turbomachinery and special gear units.

The company supplies the chassis for the car that carries the the "Skunk" - a crowd control weapon (made by Odortec).

M.R. Hunter
מ.ר. הנטר

A private Israeli company which serves as the exclusive Israeli representative of Combined Systems Inc. (CSI), Combined Tactical Systems (CTS) and Penn Arms.

According to the company's own statement, M.R Hunter is the largest provider of tear gas munitions to the Israeli army, prison service and police.

The weapons provided to the army by M.R. Hunter are used to disperse popular demonstrations in the West Bank.


A privately owned Israeli company, which specializes in the research and development of “non-lethal” scent-based repellents for law enforcement. The company was founded by the management team of Flybuster – a scent-based pest control company. 

Union Motors
יוניון מוטורס

An automotive retailer and the sole distributor of Toyota Motor Corporation in the Israeli market.