Past Corporate Involvement: Construction on Occupied Land

Generally, when a company withdraws from the occupied Palestinian territory or ends its involvement in the occupation, it is considered to be non-complicit in the Israeli occupation. Yet, when it comes to companies involved in construction and infrastructure projects, the corporate involvement does not end in the mere act of withdrawal. Construction projects continue to function as permanent evidence that maintain the ongoing Israeli control over Palestinian land and resources.

Financing the Israeli Occupation: The Current Involvement of Israeli Banks in Israeli Settlement Activity

In October 2010, Who Profits published a report about the Israeli banks' involvement in the Israeli occupation. The Israeli banks provide the financial infrastructure for activities of companies, governmental agencies and individuals in the occupied Palestinian territories and the Syrian Golan Heights.

Rami Levy's new real estate venture in the West Bank

On 28 May, Rami Levy announced that he was teaming up with the firm Mega Or Holdings to build a mall in Ariel, a Jewish-only settlement.

Updates from the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem new fast train line | April 2013

Who Profits Research Team's tour took place in sections B and C of the new train route in the occupied Latrun enclave (within the oPt), in the pre-1967 no-man's land and within Israel.  We have visited the exit of Tunnel No. 1, Tunnel No. 2, Bridge No. 8 and the entrance to Tunnel No 3. We have also toured the logistic base and industrial complex in the no-man's zone in the Latrun Enclave.