Keter Plastic Ends its Activity in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

Keter Plastic is a privately owned Israeli company, which manufactures and markets plastic furniture, household and garden products. Keter operates a factory in the settlement's industrial zone of Barkan in the West Bank.

During 2014, in response to queries by several European NGOs, the company claimed that Keter "does not own any facility or operation in what the UN defines as the occupied territories".

Removing Beigel and Beigel and Unilever from Who Profits’ Database

In the beginning of February 2013, multinational giant Unilever has informed Dutch NGO United Civilians for Peace (UCP) that the company no longer operates the factory of its subsidiary Beigel and Beigel. Beigel and Beigel is a baked goods' company, established in the Barkan Industrial Zone, near the Israeli settlement Ariel in the occupied West Bank. The company claimed that the production lines have been transferred to Unilever's plant in Safed, behind the Green Line in Israel proper.