Sarfati Simon Ltd.
צרפתי שמעון בע"מ

A private Israeli construction and development company that executes residential, commercial and leisure projects.

Psagot Ziv Investment and Development (1993) Ltd.
פסגות זיו השקעות ופיתוח (1993) בע"מ

A private Israeli investments and development company.

A. Hezi Building and Investment Co.
א. חזי חברה לבנין והשקעות בע"מ

A private Israeli construction company.

Boneich Construction Development & Investments
בונייך בנייה פיתוח והשקעות בע"מ

A private Israeli construction, development and investments company. The company is involved in numerous construction projects in the occupied Palestinian territory.

Boneich Construction Development & Investments is building 30 housing units in Hadagan Hill neighborhood in the Efrat settlement on an area of 6,200 m2 under a tender of NIS 4.35 million, with development expenses of NIS 3.84 million, which it won on 24 November 2013.

S.A.G. (Velvel) Building & Development Ltd.
ש.א.ג. (ולול) בניה ופיתוח בע"מ

A private Israeli construction and development company that plans and executes residential, commercial and public construction projects in Israel, the occupied Palestinian territory and the occupied Golan Heights.

Reshef Security
רשף ביטחון

A private security company, part of the public Israeli Tigbur group. 

In 2011, Reshef Security won a NIS 40 Million tender to provide security services to the Ma’ale Adumim settlement, including guarding educational facilities and entrance gates, operating the central control room and survialance systems, providing patrol services and securing the checkpoints around the settlement. According to company's publications, the company still operates in the Ma’ale Adumim settlement.

Financing the Israeli Occupation: The Current Involvement of Israeli Banks in Israeli Settlement Activity

In October 2010, Who Profits published a report about the Israeli banks' involvement in the Israeli occupation. The Israeli banks provide the financial infrastructure for activities of companies, governmental agencies and individuals in the occupied Palestinian territories and the Syrian Golan Heights.

Business on forbidden land: Danish business relations with the Israeli occupation

A New report by Dan Watch revels the Danish business relations with the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land and resources.

The report describes the reality of occupation and the separation wall, the violations of the freedom of movement, the oppressive Palestinian labour in settlements and the aggravation of Settler violence.

Amos Hadar Properties and Investments (Hadar Group)
עמוס הדר נכסים והשקעות (קבוצת הדר)

A construction and real estate group.

Its full subsidiary and construction executer, Kir Had, has already constructed 11 housing projects in the Ma'ale Adumim settlement in the West Bank, and as of 2010 it is the major constructor of residential construction in Ma'aleh Adumim. In fact from 2011 until today the company has constructed 5 housing projects consisting of 165 housing units in Ma’ale Adomim alone.  

Jerusalem Bank
בנק ירושלים

A commercial bank.

The bank provides loans for construction projects in settlements. 

Bank of Jerusalem is accompanying a 80 housing units project of the Israeli company Traklin Yizum Ubniya in Beitar Illit settlement.

Bank of Jerusalem is accompanying a housing project of 28 housing units of the Israeli construction company A. Barkan in Hadagan hill in the settlement of Efrat.