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1 Aluma (The Best Produce)(אלומה (דה-בסט פרודיוס Russia, North America, Western Europe Israel, Occupied Territories
Aluma is a fruit and vegetables export company. The company exports peppers, courgettes, melons, grapes and tomatoes. In addition, the company exports organic cherry tomatoes, peppers and melons from the occupied Dead Sea area, as well as grapes and dates from the occupied Jordan Valley....
2 AdaFreshאדאפרש החזקות USA, Netherlands Israel, Netherlands, Occupied Territories, USA
Exporter of agricultural produce, mainly fresh herbs, bell peppers and tomatoes. The company exports products from settlements in the occupied Jordan Valley, including products of...
3 Afimilk Agricultural Cooperative אפימילק אגודה שיתופית חקלאית Poland, China, Vietnam, Norway, France, Egypt, Morocco, Uruguay, Turkey, Greece, South Korea, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, UK, Australia, USA Israel
Develops, manufactures and markets computerized systems for dairy farms and herd management. During 2008, the company has erected a large milking factory in Susya, an Israeli settlement in the...
4 Agrexco Carmel Agricultural Export Companyאגרקסקו כרמל חברה ליצוא חקלאי Asia - Pacific, North America, Western Europe France, Germany, Israel, Italy, USA
Exports flowers, spices and herbs, peppers, tomatoes, citrus, Strawberries, Avocadoes, pomegranates and organic produce from Israel, Palestine and the occupied Palestinian teritories. some of its produce is grown in Israeli settlements in the West Bank.  In September 2011, Agrexco started...
5 Amir Marketing and Investment in Agricultureעמיר שיווק והשקעות בחקלאות Israel
A public company which markets agricultural product, food mixture for farm animals and packages for private farmers mainly in Israel and the OPT. The company operates two branches in the occupied Jordan Valley: a branch in Tomer...
6 Bickel groupקבוצת ביקל North America, Western Europe France, Germany, Israel, Italy, UK, USA
Marketer and exporter of organoc and non-organic agricultural produce and flowers. The Bickel Group comprises of Bickel Flowers Ltd, Bickel Group Export and Trade and Bickel Flowers UK. In October 2011, the company purchased...
7 Bnei Eli Etkes Surveying and Engineering Instruments Ltdבני אלי אטקס - מכשירי מדידה והנדסה בע"מ OPT Israel
A private Israeli company specializing in measuring and engineering instruments and GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) measuring solutions. The company is the exclusive representative of the Swiss company LEICA Geosystems. Bnei Eli Etkes established a private statewide network of...
8 Chen Eastern Industriesחן תעשיות המזרח Occupied Territories
A company for packing and transporting fruits and vegetables. The packing house of the company is located in the settlement of Tomer in the occupied Jordan Valley.
9 Cherriessaצ'ריסה Central - Eastern Europe, North America, Western Europe Occupied Territories
Grower and exporter of cherry tomatoes and peppers. The company’s office and groves are located in the Tomer settlement in the occupied Jordan Valley.
10 D. Hay Marketing of Agricultural Productד. חי שיווק תוצרת חקלאית Western Europe, Belgium Israel
Exporter of Medjool dates. The company’s boxes were found in the Naaran and Tomer settlements' packing houseses.
11 Dan Pri export and international tradeדאן פרי יצוא וסחר בינלאומי Central - Eastern Europe, Russia, Western Europe Israel
Exporter of agricutural produce. The company's boxes were found in Tomer and Na'aran settlements' packing houses in the occupied Jordan Valley. 
12 Eastern Linesנתיבי המזרח Occupied Territories
A logistics company specializing in the transporting of fruits and vegetables. The company is located in the settlement of Tomer in the occupied Jordan Valley and provides transport services for agricultural products from the occupied Jordan Valley into Israel.


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