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1 Aluma (The Best Produce)(אלומה (דה-בסט פרודיוס Russia, North America, Western Europe Israel, Occupied Territories
Aluma is a fruit and vegetables export company. The company exports peppers, courgettes, melons, grapes and tomatoes. In addition, the company exports organic cherry tomatoes, peppers and melons from the occupied Dead Sea area, as well as grapes and dates from the occupied Jordan Valley....
2 Abadi Bakery מאפיית עבאדי (יוסף ושמחה עבאדי) Australia, UK, Italy Occupied Territories
Manufactures bagel cookies and crackers. The company offices and factory are located in Atarot Industrial Zone, which is an Israeli industrial settlement in the occupied West Bank.
3 Ability Computer and Software Industriesאביליטי תעשיות מחשבים ותוכנה Israel, Occupied Territories
A security firm specialized in military intelligence and communications. The company develops and provides interception and decryption communication solutions to security and intelligence agencies, military forces, police and homeland security services...
4 AdaFreshאדאפרש החזקות USA, Netherlands Israel, Netherlands, Occupied Territories, USA
Exporter of agricultural produce, mainly fresh herbs, bell peppers and tomatoes. The company exports products from settlements in the occupied Jordan Valley, including products of...
5 Adir Plastic Packagingאדיר אריזות פלסטיק France, Netherlands, UK Occupied Territories
Manufactures plastic bags. The company is located in the industrial zone of Mishor Edomim, which is a West Bank settlement.
6 Afikim - Public Transportationאפיקים שרותי תחבורה מתקדמים Occupied Territories
A bus services company. The company provides public transportation services to West Bank settlements and holds an official racial segregation policy. On August 2012, NRG website published an article, which described  how one of the comapny's drivers refused to allow Palestinians on the...
7 Ahava Dead Sea Laboratoriesאהבה מעבדות ים המלח South Africa, Cyprus, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Canada, USA, Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Switzerland, UK, Belarus, Bulgaria, Estonia, Denmark, Kazakhstan, Kirgyzstan, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan, Australia Germany, Israel, Occupied Territories, Singapore, South Korea
Manufactures cosmetic products using minerals from the Dead Sea. The company's production site, visitor's center and main store are located in the Mitzpe Shalem settlement in the occupied Jordan Valley.   Since June 2015, publications announce that Ahava intends to relocate its...
8 Ahdut Factory for Tehina Halva and Sweets (Ahdut - Achva)אחוה - אחדות South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Israel, Canada, USA, Brazil, Venezuela, Belgium, France, Germany, UK Occupied Territories
A manufacturer of sesame products: tahini, halva and sweets.  The company is headquartered in the Barkan industrial zone in the West Bank, in-which the...
9 Aluminum Construction C.L. Israelאלומיניום קונסטרקשיין Romania, Russia Occupied Territories
Manufactures aluminum for screen walls and for the construction industry. The company is located in the industrial zone of Mishor Edomim, an Israeli settlement with dense industrial presence in the West Bank. The company also holds a...
10 Arison Investmentsאריסון השקעות Kenya, Nigeria, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Canada, USA, Argentina, Brazil, Cayman Islands, Chile, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Uruguay, Venezuela, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, UK Israel, Occupied Territories
An investment fund which operates as the business arm of the Arison Group. The fund is invested in several companies that are involved in the occupation. The fund is one of the major shareholder of...
11 Aroma Naamaארומה נעמה USA, Western Europe Occupied Territories
Produces and distributes herbal seasoning. The company is located in the Na’ama settlement in the occupied Jordan Valley.
12 Arza Winery T.R.Z.יקב ארזה ת.ר.ז. Occupied Territories
The winery produces kosher wines and liqueurs. It is located in Mishor Adumim Industrial Zone, an illegal Israeli settlement in the occupied West Bank.


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