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1 A. Barkan and Co.א. ברקן ושות' Israel
A construction and development company. The company constructs and develops housing projects in multiple settlements, including housing projects in the settlements of Ma'aleh Adumim, Beithar Illit, Alon Shvut and Efrat. In addition, it constructed a Yeshivat Hesder (a religious collage...
2 All Trade Recyclingאולטרייד מחזור בע"מ Occupied Palestinian Territory, Israel
A private Israeli company for electronic waste and recycling. It is the only company in Israel to fully handles electronic waste The Israeli company All Recycling of the All Trade/Reichman Group has established a factory for electronic waste disposal and recycle in Barkan Industrial Zone...
3 Aroma Naamaארומה נעמה USA, Western Europe Occupied Territories
Produces and distributes herbal seasoning. The company is located in the Na’ama settlement in the occupied Jordan Valley.
4 Beton Atarot (formerly: Elad Imported Cement)בטון עטרות (לשעבר: אלעד בטון מובא בטון עטרות) Israel
A cement factory. The factory is located in the industrial zone of Atarot, which is an Israeli settlement in the West Bank.
5 BlueBird Aero Systemsבלו בירד איירו סיסטמס India, USA, Chile, Switzerland Israel
The company manufactures and supplies tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) for surveillance. The company provides UAVs  to the Israeli Army and the Ministry of Defense. Among these UAVs, that reach a payloads as heavy as 1 Kg, are 'MicroB', '...
6 Chic Design Industriesשיק דיזיין תעשיות Israel
Manufactures furniture. The company has three factories, two of which are located in the Barkan Industrial Zone, an illegal Israeli settlement in the occupied West Bank.
7 CIM Lustigmanקים לוסטיגמן ייזום ובניה Canada Israel
A construction company.  The company is currently building a housing project in the French Hill, a settlement neighborhood of East Jerusalem. The company was involved in several construction projects in settlement neighborhoods of Jerusalem,...
8 Contact International (Kalia Israel Ammunition Co.)קונטקט אינטרנשיונל - קליע ישראל USA, UK, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Serbia, France Occupied Territories
Supplier of new and used military equipment, including arms, ammunition, weapons' spare parts, personal equipment, armored vehicles and aircrafts. The company sells weapons and armored Vehicles from the Israeli military. The company also sells “non-lethal” weapons, and opearetes as the...
9 DefenSoft דיפנסופט Israel
A homeland security company that develops software solutions for security systems. DefenSoft's primary product, the Lighthouse, is a system for boundary security design. Applications for this software include borders and coastlines, military bases, airports and seaports. The company has...
10 Distek דיסטק Germany, Japan, Lithuania, Australia, Russia, South Africa, Turkey, USA, Poland, UK, Norway, Belgium, Taiwan, Croatia, Austria, Bulgaria, Scandinavia Occupied Territories
Providers of chemicals and equipment for metal surface treatment. Main Markets: Fasteners, Pipes, Railway equipment, Nail manufacturers. The process is known under trademark DiAv-Victocor. The company's factory is located in the industrial zone of Barkan, which is a settlement in the West...
11 E.T. Legal Servicesא.ט. שרותים משפטיים Israel
A private Israeli company, which carries out writs of execution, including evictions, seizures and demolitions. On its website, the company states that it won the demolition tender of the Civil Administration for the second time in a row.  The Civil Administration entrusted in the hands...
12 Eco Alfaאקו אלפא Israel
An Israeli juice manufacturer. The company's factory is located in the Barkan industrial zone, which is a settlement industrial zone in the West Bank.


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