A private Israeli company that established and operates a waste management facility in the Atarot Industrial Zone in occupied East Jerusalem. The company is part of the YSB - Ya’akobi Brothers Group [1], which has been involved in installing traffic light systems for the Jerusalem Light Rail, maintaining the Tunnels Highway to Gush Etzion in the occupied West Bank and providing services to the Allenby Border Crossing in the occupied Jordan Valley.

Greennet's factory, established on a land of 22 dunams (22,000 m²), processes 1,500 tons of urban waste a day. The facility is designed to handle half of the waste of Jerusalem, which is then transferred to recycling facilities.

The factory was planned by the German company Sutco Recycling Technik. The factory also includes systems by the company Tomra.

Leumi bank [2] provided the company with a loan in 2013, the terms of which listed the company’s factory in Atarot as collateral.