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Shameless Exploitation of Palestinians

By: Yara Sa'di
*This article was published on 19.2.2014 at thecitizen.in

Translation of an article published in Calcalist: Veolia group negotiating sale of its operations in Israel

Published in the Israeli news website Calcalaist by Golan Hazani | 23 December 2013
Translated by Connie Hackbarth, Alternative Information Center (AIC) 

The following translation is part of Who Profits' ongoing research on Veolia's involvement in the OPT.

Gaza's gas: EU millions up in smoke | Cecilia Ferrara, Assia Rabinowitz & Hagar Shezaf

The energy issue in Gaza is of paramount importance; for the citizens, 1.7 million of whom live in an area of 365 square kilometres; for water desalinisation and purification; for hospitals and their patients; for the Hamas government; and last but not least for one of the few investments in infrastructure in Gaza: the Gaza Power Plant (GPP).

It is an issue that involves Israeli, Palestinian and British business interests and €250 million from the European Union, which seems to have been spent somewhat carelessly, to say the least.

Translation of the state comptroller's report on the Industrial Zones in the oPt

The State Comptroller's report No. 62 - May 1, 2012
Chapter Seven - Industrial Zones in Judea and Samaria and the Rural Sector 

Privatization of Israel's Refineries

A report  - by Shir Hever, The socioeconomic bulletin of the Alternative Information Center, describing the economic realities of the Occupation.

Profiting from the Occupation

A report by War on Want which reveals how high street names such as Tesco, Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Connex and Caterpillar are implicated in Israel's war crimes against the Palestinian people.

Improper Advantage

A study of Unilever’s investment in an illegal Israeli settlement

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