لا نخشى الأرقام: ورشة عمل حول النشاط الاقتصادي

وذلك يوم الاثلاثاء الموافق 11\9\2012 الساعة 19:00
في مكاتب تحالف النساء للسلام، شارع ياغيع كابايم 3، تل ابيب-يافا

לא מפחדות ממספרים: סדנה לאקטיביזם כלכלי

וזאת יום שלישי 11\9\ 2012 בשעה 19:00
במשרדי קואליציית נשים לשלום, רחוב יגיע כפיים מס' 3 | תל אביב-יפו

To photographers and activists who frequent the West Bank

If you're already on the ground, in the occupied territories and carrying a camera, you can help expose the corporations behind the occupation. In the last decade, many photographers and activists have come to frequent villages in the West Bank when participating in the Friday demonstrations of the Palestinian popular struggle. Many others are there as part of their work in the different NGOs. Almost everybody carries a camera.

Launching “Who Profits” new report: Captive Economy: The Pharmaceutical Industry and the Israeli Occupation

Sunday 2\9\2012, 19:00, 4 Queen Shlomchetzion St. Jerusalem. (AIC Center)

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