At this stage in our project, we have decided not to investigate the arms trade and supply of weapons to the Israeli army. We will focus our attention instead on civilian firms that supply the Israeli army with equipment and services specific to the needs of the military occupation. This will include, for example the specially armored D9 bulldozers supplied by Caterpillar, specially designed simulators and software, specialized anti-demonstration equipment, and services to soldiers stationed in the occupied territories.


Private Italian manufacturer of cranes.

On 5 July 2017, a Fassi manufactured crane was documented during the confiscation of solar panels by the Israeli Civil Administration in the Palestinian village of Khirbet Tall al-Himma in the Jordan Valley in the occupied West Bank. The two solar panels, donated by a humanitarian aid organization in March 2017, had been used by five families.

Bnei Eli Etkes Surveying and Engineering Instruments Ltd
בני אלי אטקס - מכשירי מדידה והנדסה בע"מ

A private Israeli company specializing in measuring and engineering instruments and GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) measuring solutions. The company is the exclusive representative of the Swiss company LEICA Geosystems.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company (HPE) is a US multinational information provider. The company is publicly traded in the New York Stock Exchange. HPE was founded in November 2015, following the split of the Hewlett-Packard (HP) Company into two independent companies: Hewlett Packard Inc. (HPI) and HPE. HPI is the legal successor of HP.

DXC Technology

A US-based publicly traded information technology (IT) service provider. The company was established following a merger of Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) and the Enterprise Services segment of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). Through its Israeli subsidiary EntServ Israel, the company has taken over several of the occupation-related operations of the now defunct Hewlett Packard Company.

Israeli Population Registry

Magna B.S.P
מגנ"א בי אס פי

An Israeli security company based in Dimona, which manufactures surveillance equipment and technology.

Its products have been installed in the Old city of Jerusalem (located in East Jerusalem), Israeli prisons and the Ben Gurion Airport. In the aftermath of the assault on Gaza in the summer of 2014, the company publicly revealed its proposition to surround the Gaza strip with mass surveillance equipment, a project that is estimated to exceed USD 150,000 per kilometer.

Athena GS3 Security Implementations
אתנה ג'י.אס.3. יישומים בטחוניים

The company, a subsidiary of C. Mer industries, sells advanced espionage solutions to enable a regular and cyber surveiilance. Notably, the company is headed by Shabtay Shavit who worked for the Israeli Intelligence agency Mossad for 32 years and  served as its  director from 1989 to 1996. 

With direct involvement of its mother company C. Mer insutries, the Athena company is involved in the mass surveillance project titled “Mabat 200” that is installed in the old city.

DJI - DaJiang Innovation Technology Company

A Chinese company headquartered in Shenzhen, which produces commercial UAVs. Company UAVs are commonly used in the fields of filmmaking, agriculture, search and rescue, energy infrastructure and surveillance. DJI is most known for its 'Phantom' - an unmanned mini quadrotor helicopter, which has become popular amongst aerial photographers.


An aeronautics company specialized in UAV aerial photography. The company has a commercial license from the Israeli Civil Aviation Authority, the first of its kind in Israel, to operate unmanned miniature air vehicles (UAVs). It is also the first Israeli civil company authorized to use UAVs for surveillance and crowd control proposes.

RT LTA Systems
אר טי אמצעים מתנפחים

A developer and manufacturer of surveillance and reconnaissance balloons.

Benny & Tzvika
בני וצביקה

A demolition contractor operating in East Jerusalem, which specializes in demolition works and recycling of construction waste. The company carried out punitive demolitions in the Palestinian neighborhood of Silwan in East Jerusalem as far back as 2003, and continued to perform demolitions in recent years. Among its clients are the Jerusalem Municipality, the Ministry of Interior and the Civil Administration. The company describes itself as “the leading demolition company in the Israeli Market.”