This category includes companies providing services or goods to Palestinians at high costs, exploiting the restrictions on movement imposed on the Palestinians who cannot purchase these goods and services at a competitive price locally or abroad. Most Israeli retailers in the occupied territories would fall under this category.

This category also includes companies using their ties to the Israeli authorities to gain commercial advantages over Palestinian companies, and companies that collect Palestinian debts using their ties to the Israeli government (for example, Palestinian import and sales tax moneys collected by Israel, were illegally retained and then used to pay various debts to Israeli companies such as the Israeli electricity company).


A multinational cable and telecommunications company, headquartered in Amsterdam. The group provides cable based services (television, fast broadband Internet and fixed line telephony) and, in certain countries, mobile telephony services to private and corporate clients. 

Tnuva Group
קבוצת תנובה

A manufacturer and distributer of dairy, poultry and meat products. The company markets its products through several major brands: dairy products (Emek, Yoplait, Pireus), eggs and frozen vegetable products (Sunfrost), refrigerated and frozen poultry products (Mama Of), frozen pastry products (Maadanot), meat (Adom Adom) and fish. The company is also the largest Israeli supplier of eggs and poultry. 

Mor Hasharon Fruit (Sharon Fruit)
מור פירות השרון

A marketing and export company of agricultural produce.

The company’s boxes were found in Na’aran settlement’s packing house in the occupied Jordan Valley. The company exports strawberries from Gaza. The company's products are also exported by Kedem Hadarim.

Maman Cargo Terminals and Handling
ממן מסופי מטען וניטול

A provider of logistics and aviation services. The group’s subsidiaries supply management and operation services to cargo terminals in Israel, including logistics services, storage, distribution, bonded warehousing services and international delivery. 

The group operates a cargo terminal at Ben Gurion airport, which provides storage, import and export services, and handles hazardous and climate-controlled materials. The terminal processes approximately 70% of all the cargo that passes through Ben Gurion Airport, estimated at 300,000 tons of cargo annually. 

Salomon, Levin & Elstein (SLE)
(סלומון, לוין ואלשטיין (ס.ל.א

SLE was Teva’s predecessor, and is presently its full subsidiary, operating as a distribution unit throughout Israel and the OPT. SLE also distributes products of approximately one dozen multinational pharmaceutical companies.

The company provides logistical support for Teva’s sales and distribution activities in Israel, including the distribution of third-party products, among which are several multinational pharmaceutical companies.

Trima Israel Pharmaceutical Products - Maabarot
תרימה תוצרי רפואה ישראליים - מעברות

An Israeli pharmaceutical company specialized in generic products. The company manufactures and markets Rx and Over the counter (OTC) pharmaceuticals. Dermatology, allergy, NSAID and neurology are only a few of the company's main fields of activity. Trima employs over 200 employees.

Tirma openly states on its website that it supplies pharmaceutical products to the Israeli security forces, i.e. the Israeli army, the Israel Police and the Israel Prison Service.

Dexcel Pharma Technologies
דקסל פארמה טכנולוגיות

An international research-based pharmaceutical company, specializing in products for the treatment of gastroenterological, cardiovascular and central nervous system diseases.

Dexcel Pharma is the fourth-largest Israeli pharmaceutical manufacturer, ranked by sales volume. The company has subsidiaries in the US, the UK and Germany, and has over 1,000 employees worldwide. Approximately 85% of the company's production is exported to international markets.

Perrigo (Formerly Agis)
(פריגו (לשעבר אגיס

A global healthcare supplier. The company develops, manufactures and distributes over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription pharmaceuticals, nutritional products and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). It is the world's largest manufacturer of OTC pharmaceutical products for the store brand market. 

Taro Pharmaceutical Industries
תרו תעשיה רוקחית

A multinational, science-based pharmaceutical company. The company develops, manufactures and markets prescription and OTC pharmaceutical products, primarily in the United States, Canada and Israel. The company's major areas of focus include pediatric creams and ointments, liquids, capsules and tablets, mainly in the dermatological and topical, cardiovascular, neuropsychiatric and anti-inflammatory therapeutic categories.  

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries
טבע תעשיות פרמצבטיות

A global pharmaceutical company and the world's largest generic drug manufacturer. The company develops, produces and markets generic, innovative and branded drugs. Teva currently operates in approximately 60 countries with an estimated 45,000 employees worldwide.