Settlement Enterprise

This sub-category of involvement refers to the participation of Israeli and international corporations in Israeli housing and infrastructure projects on occupied Palestinian and Syrian land. Such projects effectively serve a dual purpose: annexing more land and resources to Israel, and cutting off the occupied population from the same.

In the occupied West Bank, the jurisdiction area of the settlements takes up approximately 40% of the area while the built-up area covers only 3%. The construction of an Israeli road system, the use of which is forbidden for Palestinian residents, supports the creation of a separate Jewish-Israeli space on top of the fragmented Palestinian space. The roads and the settlements thus become part a broader system of segregation and control, which also includes special permits, walls and checkpoints.

The Israeli construction industry in the occupied West Bank (including East Jerusalem) and the Syrian Golan includes real estate dealers and realtors, contractors, planners, and suppliers of materials, security and maintenance services to the construction sites.

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