This category includes companies that pay below market prices for Palestinian products because Palestinian producers are restricted to selling to companies that can cross Israeli checkpoints or borders.
It also includes companies that use or exploit Palestinian or Syrian natural and environmental resources under the protection of the occupation.
With present conditions, almost all Israeli companies buying Palestinian products or using Palestinian natural resources would fall under this definition.

טיירק בע"מ

A private Israeli company specializing in the recycling of tires.

Tyrec operates the biggest facility in Israel for the recycling of tires, located in the Shahak (Shaked) Industrial Zone in the northern West Bank. Tyrec’s formal address indicates that it is based in the Shahak Industrial Park, but locates it in Katzir-Harish, a local council within the green line, thereby misleading the public about the factory's whereabouts on occupied land.

Greennet Recycling and Waste Treatment
גרין נט מחזור וטיפול בפסולת בע"מ

A private Israeli company that established and operates a waste management facility in the Atarot Industrial Zone in occupied East Jerusalem. The company is part of the YSB - Ya’akobi Brothers Group, which has been involved in installing traffic light systems for the Jerusalem Light Rail, maintaining the Tunnels Highway to Gush Etzion in the occupied West Bank and providing services to the Allenby Border Crossing in the occupied Jordan Valley.

T.M.M. Integrated Recycling Industries
ת.מ.מ. תעשיות מיחזור משולבות בע"מ

An Israeli company that operates Tovlan landfill in the occupied Palestinian territory.

The Tovlan landfill, which is located in the northern Jordan Valley, between the Israeli settlements of Masu’a and Yafit, is the biggest waste management site beyond the Green Line.

Compost Or
קומפוסט אור

A private Israeli company specializing in the planning, creation and management of waste recyling facilities.


An online vacation rental company, where people can list, find and book accommodations through the internet. 

Refu Elektronik
רפיו אלקטרוניק

A manufacturer and provider of hybrid power solutions.

Through its business unit REFUsol the company develops and sells solar inverters for Photovoltaic (PV) systems. 

Heaps of the company’s solar panels were documented in the solar field of Netiv Hagdud, an Israeli illegal settlement in the occupied Jordan Valley, during a 2016 Who Profits field tour. Upon completion, Netiv Hagdud solar field will produce 4 megawatts of electricity, enough to power about 600 Western-style Israeli homes. The field takes 50 Dunams of Palestinian land. 

Enerpoint Israel

The company installs and supplies photovoltaic panels for solar energy production. In February 2011, the Italian-incorporated Enerpoint completed the acquisition of the Israeli company Friendly Energy and established its Israeli subsidiary, Enerpoint Israel.

In the past year, the relationship between Enerpoint and Enerpoint Israel changed. While keeping the name, Enerpoint Israel is no longer a subsidiary of Enerpoint. 

Enerpoint Israel
אינרפוינט ישראל

A subsidiary of the Italian company Enerpoint. The company Installs and supplies photovoltaic panels for solar energy production.

Together with Green is Us, the company invested more than $6 million in Netiv Hagdud Solar feild. Netiv Hagdud is located in the occupied Jordan Valley in the West Bank. On completion, the project will produce 4 megawatts of electricity, enough to power about 600 Western-style households of settlers, taking over 50 Dunams of Palestinian land.

Genie Energy
ג'יני אנרגיה

Genie Energy is an American public company, comprised of two divisions: IDT Energy and Genie Oil and Gas (GOGAS).
GOGAS is a resource and technology development company which owns an Israeli subsidiary - Afek Oil and Gas (previously named Genie Israel Oil and Gas) .

Afek Oil and Gaz
אפק נפט וגז בע"מ

An Israeli oil and gas exploration company (previously named Genie Israel Oil and Gas).

In February 21st 2013, the oil council of the Israeli Ministry of Energy and Water has granted Genie Israel Oil and Gas a three years exclusive petroleum exploration license in the occupied Golan Heights. According to the company's press release published in February, the petroleum exploration license covers 396.5 square kilometres in the Southern part of the Golan Heights.