This flash report presents an in depth economic and political analysis of the Israeli dairy market while drawing special attention to the complicity of specific Israeli corporations in the economy of occupation. Aside from the outlined involvement of each corporation below, all corporations mentioned in this report reap profits by exploiting the Palestinian captive market and using it as a major source of income. By taking the Israeli dairy market as an example, this report explains in detail the effects of this economic strangulation of the Palestinian market. Tnuva, one of the biggest corporations in the Israeli dairy and food industry, is presented in this report as an important case study. Through WhoProfits desk and field research, compelling proof  was obtained that Tnuva uses raw material for its dairy products from Israeli settlement's dairy farms in the Occupied West Bank (See videos below). Tnuva's corporate activity is taking place despite of the recent EU ban on animal products from Israeli settlements, which was declared in February 2014 and became enforceable as of January 2015. 

This Report is also available in Arabic.