Ford’s sales to the Israeli Army
Oct 2011

Ford’s sales to the Israeli Army

  • In 1999 Delek Motors[1] became the exclusive importer and distributor of Ford in Israel. Delek Motors is a subsidiary company of  Delek Ma’arakhot Rekhev[2], a public company traded in Tel Aviv that is part of the Delek group.


  • In 2001, the company signed a contract with the Israeli army to provide approximately 1,000 sample F350 pickup trucks – made by Ford for a total of 40 million dollars. 750 of them would replace old trucks and 300 will be used as ambulances.[3] Ford has been the supplyer of pickup trucks to the Israeli army during the last 10 years. These trucks have been retrofitted and adjusted by the Israeli supplier to the army needs. All of these contracts have been supplied under the US military aid to Israel.[4]


  • At the end of 2011, Ford is expected to compete in the tender of the ministry of defence and the Israeli army for supplying heavy-load pickup trucks. The tender is for the sum of approximately NIS 750 million4.


  • In 2003, an Israeli newspaper report revealed that Ford’s F550 trucks were retrofitted by Hatehof for the Israeli army to armoured personnel carriers for use by the IDF in the West Bank.[5]


  • Ford vehicles are in use by the ‘Caracal’ military unit. Caracal is a combat unit which patrols the occupied section of the Jordan Valley, in the West Bank areas close to the Separation Wall and on the Israeli-Egyptian border[6].