Head office: Hamra St., 90697 Argaman settlement, occupied Palestinian Territory Tel: 02-9947390 www.zorganika.com

The company owns and operates organic date plantations, packing house and a visitor center in the occupied Jordan Valley.

Zorganika’s main office and factory is located in the settlement of Hamra. The company owns about 100 acres of date groves in the Zarzir enclave, in the southern occupied part of the Jordan Valley, between the settlements of Hamra and Argaman. The Zarzir enclave is called by the Israeli army “Ayala enclave”, the name of Ayala Smith, the co-owner of Zorganika.

Zorganika operates a dates packing house and a visitor center near the settlement of Argaman in the occupied Jordan Valley. The company’s visitor center conducts tours in the plantations for the Israeli ministry of Agriculture and rural development, the Jordan Valley regional council and private groups from Israel and abroad.

90% of the organic Mejdool dates grown for the international brand Zorganika are designated for export, which is executed by Hadiklaim. In this PR clip, a co-production of Zorganika and Hadiklaim, Kevin Smith, the co-owner of Zorganika explains to Hadiklaim representative the course of the dates from Zorganika’s plantation in the settlement of Hamra to the export container that will ship them to Europe.

In September 2012, Zorganika’s packing house received a green standards association stamp from the English company “Tesco”. Zorganika is the only packing house in Israel with this standards association stamp.


Zorganika is owned and operated by Kevin and Ayala Smith, settlers from Hamra.


Zorganika’s export is executed by Hadiklaim.

Zorganika dates are sold in various chain stores in Europe, which used to include Marks & Spencer, until the chain terminated its interaction with Zorganika in 2011.

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