Imports and markets heavy mechanical equipment. The Israeli exclusive representative of Caterpillar. Caterpillar also accounts for 55% of all its sales.

Its full subsidiary ITE retrofits Caterpillar heavy machinery vehicles for the needs of the Israeli army, including the installation of a gunner position and a bulletproof driver cabin to allow for battle use. The armoured tools are used for house demolitions, uprooting of trees and military urban incursions into Gaza and the West Bank.

According to a March 2009 interview with Zoko's CEO, the company has been involved in retrofitting and supplying specially designed unmanned military D9 Buldozers (Dawn Thunder), based on Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) design and used in Gaza during the Dec 2008 attacks. It is similarly involved in a joint project with Ta'as - Israel Military Industries to design an armored military vehicle based on a vehicle of Tatra (Wildcat).

Other heavy mechanical equipment, truck and armoured vehicles by Caterpillar, Terex, International and Tatra were supplied by the company and used in the construction of the separation wall and checkpoints and in the expansion of the settlements.