Kalia Settlement | Jordan Valley, Occupied West Bank | Oct 2017 | Photographed by Who ProfitsNetivei Adumit quarry | West Bank | Jun 2015 | Photographed by Who ProfitsA sign at the entrance to Netivei Adumit quarry | West Bank | Jun 2015 | Photographed by Who ProfitsRoad 1, Mishor Adumin Intersection | Jun 2015 | Photographed by Who Profits

A private Israeli construction and development company. The company facilitates the expansion of Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory through the construction of housing projects, public buildings and infrastructure.

A full subsidiary of the company, Y.D. Barazani Real Estate and Construction, constructed a project of 12 housing units in Pisgat Ze'ev, a settlement neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem. In 2014, the company also won a tender of the Israel Land Administration to build a project of 38 housing units in the settlement of Geva Binyamin (Adam) in the occupied West Bank.

The company performed development and infrastructure work in the settlements of Har AdarBeit Aryeh, Har Gilo, Kalia and Efrat in the occupied West Bank, paved roads in settlement neighborhood in Talpiyot East in East Jerusalem and built both a Jewish study hall in the settlement of Beit El and a cemetery near the Mishor Adumim industrial zone

Y. D. Brazani was also involved in the construction of highways serving Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory. The company has paved Road 1, a two-lane highway between the Mishor Adumim settlement industrial zone and the Mitzpe Yeriho settlement, and Road 20, which connects Road 1 to Road 443.  

Through its subsidiary, Netivei Adumit, the company owns and operates a quarry and an asphalt factory next to the Mishor Adumim settlement industrial zone, in the West Bank. By excavating raw material from the Palestinian territory, and then using it for Israeli construction projects, the company exploits Palestinian natural resources in violation of International Humanitarian Law. 

Additionally, the company performs infrastructure and maintenance work in occupied East Jerusalem for the Jerusalem municipality and the Israeli Ministry of Tourism. These lucrative projects include road paving, placing of sewage pipelines and installation of streetlights, were mostly concentrated in the old city and its surroundings on occupied Palestinian land.