Villar International וילאר אינטרנשיונל

Villar International head office: Haeshel St. POB 3146 Cesarea Industrial Park 38900 Tel: 972-4-6272770 | The Archivists head office: Barkan Settlement, Occupied Palestinian Territory Tel: +972- 3-7207750

Villar International is an Israeli construction company. The company is also active in the fields of archiving, storage services, real estate and construction and safety equipment.

The company constructs, owns, maintains and leases industrial and office buildings in Ariel and Barkan Industrial Zones. Both Ariel and Barkan are settlements in the occupied West Bank. These buildings constitute 20% of the company’s total rented property.

These include the construction of a building in Ariel Industrial Zone taking over 5,000 square meter of occupied Palestinian land. Part of this building is leased to the Group’s archival subsidiaries.

At the end of 2015, the company completed the construction of an operational center taking 3,5000 sq meters of occupied Palestinian land and offices occupying 1,1000 sq meters of land, in Ariel Indistrial Zone.

Villar International also has a 50% stake in a joint project with Ziegler Investment Ltd.  for the construction and maintenance of rental property in Ariel Industrial Zone, occupied West Bank.

In addition, the company has two archival subsidiaries based in the occupied West Bank. Beit Ha’archive, a company specializing in archiving and storing documents, is a fully owned subsidiary of Villar International and is located in Ariel Industrial Zone, occupied West Bank. Beit H’archive is also a contractor with the Israeli Ministry of Defence.

Through its fully owned subsidiary Villar Equipment and Rental Property ltd, Villar International holds 72.76% of The Archivists, a company providing archival services. The company’s main storage facility is based in Barkan Industrial Zone takes over 47 thousand sq meters of occupied Palestinain land. The Archivists also has a 12 thousand sq meter storage facility in the settlement of Ariel Industrial Zone, occupied West Bank.

In 2014 the company won a 1 million Shekels contract with the Isralei prison Service (IPS).

The compmnay’s clients include: Israel Aerospace Industries, IBM, Bank Leumi, El Al, The Israeli Ministry for Public Security.


Villar International’s CEO, Shlomo Tisser, is the majority shareholder holding 75.05% of shares. Institutional investors hold 14.38% of shares and the remaining 10.75% are floating.


Full subsidiaries include, Villar USA, Villar engineering and initiation, Villar properties, Villar building and rental properties Tsipori, Villar equipment and rental properties (which owns 72.76% of The archivest), Beit Ha’archive, Archivist S.r.I, Sh.T. Rom, Y.G. Properties, Villar Revadim.

Villar properties owns 50% of Zigler Villar and Areil West Partnership and Solar Property and Real Estate. The company is also the full owner of T.Z. construction and property South, which is the Israeli representative of the German company Nnamklov & Hcabssor.

Villar International’s international subsidiaries, include: Beta Consult Invest S.r.l.(100%), A.C. Investitii S.r.l. (100%),  Dorobanti investii S.r.l.(100%), Alon Investitii s.r.l. (100%), A.P Investments S.r.l (75%), Satu Mare Mall S.r.l.(100%) Jaguar Development S.r.l. (50%) Kpt Besitz Gmbh (94%).


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