Unikowsky Maozאוניקובסקי מעוז

Head office: 25 Shenhav st.m Barkan I.Z., 4482000, Barkan settlement, occupied Palestinian Territory Tel: +972-3-9067605 www.unikmaoz.co.il

Importer, marketer and distributer of home, building and gardening products.

The company is located in the Barkan industrial zone, which is an Israeli settlement in the occupied West Bank. In addition, the company sells its products in selling points in Ramat Eshkol settlement neigborhood in East Jerusalem and in the West Bank settlement of Modi’in Ilit.


Owned by Dorit Maoz
CEO: Nisim Maoz


The company imports and markets products of international companies, including the Italian companies Geko (Tre Emme S.p.A.), Filomat, Providus and Framar; the German Lux Tools of the OBI Group, Schulte malirske valecky a plastik spol and Motip Dupli; Koti Tribollet France; Quilosa of the Selena Group, Spain; Franklin International US, Bosny (R.J. London Chemicals Industries Co.), Thailand; Hong Kong Bosi Tool Enterprise; and Tianjin Jinmao group China.

The company is the exclusive representative of the Dutch company HG International in Israel.

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