Top Sky Line Engineering Systemsטופ סקיי ליין מערכות הנדסה

Head office: Beit Hatamar, 17 Hatidhar St., Ra’anana, Israel Tel: +972-97452211

A private Israeli company active in the fields of homeland security, surveillance and communications.

In January 2020, the company won an Israeli Ministry of Housing and Construction (IMOCH) tender for the provision and maintenance of electronic, technological and physical security systems in 98 sites in occupied East Jerusalem. According to the tender documents, the sites are located in Palestinian areas in which a number of Israeli settlers reside, and most are gated and can only be accessed through vehicle or pedestrian access gates. The project divides East Jerusalem into three distinct zones: the Shuafat ridge, the City of David settler complex (located in the Palestinian neighborhood of Silwan) and the Old City.

As part of the tender, the company will install the following systems: CCTV, intrusion detection, access control, intercom, public address (PA) systems, License Plate Recognition (LPR), electronic fences, physical fences, IPVPN and access gates. A local command and control system would be installed in each individual site and all sites would broadcast to nine regional command and control centers. Regional centers would be connected to three area centers which would broadcast to two central centers. The entire apparatus would be accessible to officials in the IMOHC offices in Sheikh Jarrah in East Jerusalem.

The new system is also required to fully integrate an already installed CCTV system managed through Digivod’s video management software system, which includes 620 cameras.

The six year contract entails a 10 months period to establish, install and operate all specified services and 5 years and 2 months of maintenance, and can be extended for additional three year periods.

According to the tender documents, the IMOCH seeks to reduce the cost of security in East Jerusalem by replacing manpower with an electronic command and control apparatus.

In 2015, the company won a tender for the supply, installation and service provision for technological and physical security systems for the settlement of Modi’in Illit in the occupied West Bank.

In 2016, the company was contracted by Israel Police and Israel Prison Service (IPS) for the installation of security systems. The first is a four-year contract for the total amount of 20 million NIS, while the second is a 10-year contract for the total amount of 220 million NIS (22 million a year).


The company is owned and managed by Yaakov Winter (50%) and Avraham Farzon (50%).


Yaakov Winter and Avraham Farzon each hold a 33.3% stake in Top Sky Line Assets.


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