Tishbi Estate Winery (Habaron Wine Cellars)
יקבי תשבי) יקבי הבארון)

Head office: 33 Hameyasdim St., Zichron Yaakov 30900, Israel Tel.: +972-4-6380434 www.tishbi.com

A private Israeli winery.

The winery owns vineyards in the Gush Etzion settlement bloc in the occupied West Bank and in Kidmat Zvi in the occupied Syrian Golan.

Grapes from Migdal Oz settlement in the West Bank are used in the winery’s 2011 Tishbi Estate Single Vineyard Syrah. Grapes from Emek Bracha in the West Bank are used in the winery’s 2011 Emek Bracha Cabarnet Sauvignion. Grapes from Gush Etzion settlement in the West Bank are used in the winery’s 2009 Pinot Noir.

The winery holds shares (8%) in Gush Etzion Winery, a settlement winery located in the occupied West Bank. Gush Etzion Winery also owns and operates a restaurant in the settlement. The winery, visitor center and restaurant are advertised as an agro-tourist attraction on the official website of the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture.


Privately owned by the Tishbi family.



International distributors: Attersee Reblaus (Austria), Les Clos de Françoise (Belgium), LCBO Vintages (Canada), Elvinco International (Canada), Fruit of Land (Canada), Simcha Wine Corp. (Canada), SAQ – Societe de Alcools du Quebec (Canada), Ningbo Import Commodity Center (China), Entreprise Brakha (France), IsraelWein (Germany), Smooth Concept Ltd. (Hong Kong), S&C s.r.l. Wine Branch (Italy), Wijnkoperij Floractive (Netherlands), Il Divino (Netherlands), C&M Internacional (Panama), Winiarnia Bartex (Poland), Winiarnia Burgundia (Poland), Le Lattiere cc (South Africa), Lehayim Aperitives & Wines (Switzerland), Point Me Enterprise Corp. (Taiwan), Addicted 2 wines (UK), ADMIRAL IMPORTS (USA), THE RIVER WINE (USA), Tishbi European distribution center (EU)

The company is an authorized partner of the French chocolate manufacturer Valrhona.

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