The Trendlines Groupקבוצת טרנדליינס

Head Office: Misgav Industrial Park, 20164 Misgav Shorashim, Israel Tel: 972-4-9583323 | Gush Etzion Mofet Office: Gush Etzion Industrial Park, 9043500 Eftara occupied Palestinian Territory Tel: 972-2-9963880

Marketing, media, sales and business development services to companies.

The company operates two Israeli start-up incubators, one of them – Trendlines Agtech Mofet, previously known as Mofet B’eYehuda – was founded in the West Bank settlement of Kiryat Arba and today operates form the Gush Etzion settlement industrial park.

The Trendlines Group is the controlling shareholder in Trendlines Agtech Mofet. Most of the minority shareholders of the company are development companies of settlements’ regional councils.


Major shareholders: Bronfeld Zeev (25.5%), Amos and Daughters Investments and Properties LTD (10.7%), Avztim LLC (6.9%), Haybom Investment Holding Israel LTD (5.9%), Rodes Steven (4.7%), Dollinger David (4.6%), Lachman Family Limited Partnership (4.5%), Lazarus Israel Opportunities Fund LP (4%) and Huberman Ehud (2.2%).

The company has dozens of small private American shareholders.  

Co-Chairmen and CEOs: David Todd Dollinger and Steven Rodes.


The group includes Trendlines Medical Misgav, Trendlines Agtech Mofet, Trendlines International and Trendlines Venture Managment.

In April 2014, the Trendlines Group and Anhui Luban Construction Investment Group agreed to establish an agritech incubator in Anhui Province, China.

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