The Central Bottling Company - CBC (Coca Cola Israel)
החברה המרכזית ליצור משקאות קלים (קוקה קולה ישראל)

Head Office:129 Kahanman St. Bnei Brak 51104, Israel Tel: +972-3-7552371

A manufacturer and distributor of soft drinks, dairy products and alcoholic beverages. CBC began its operation in 1967 upon receiving the Israeli franchise of Coca Cola products from Coca Cola International. The company operates one of Coca-Cola’s largest bottling facilities worldwide and has grown into a group of companies which controls 40% of the Israeli beverage market and has a clear monopoly in the local coke sector.

Through its fully owned subsidiary – The Central Company for Sales and Distribution, CBC holds a regional distribution center in the Atarot settlement industrial zone. The Atarot distribution center is responsible for marketing the company’s beverages to the Palestinian population of East Jerusalem. Simultaneously, the Palestinian franchisee – The National Beverages Company (NBC) is denied access to East Jerusalem, which therefore constitutes a captive market for the Israeli distributor.

In 2006 CBC purchased Tabor Winery – an Israeli winery that owns vineyards near mount Shifon in the occupied Golan Heights. Grapes from the Shifon vineyards are used in Tabor’s white wines.

CBC also owns Tara (Milco Industries), whose subsidiary, Meshek Zuriel Dairy (81%), holds a dairy farm and a head office in the settlement of Shadmot Mehola in the Jordan Valley.


Owned by David Wertheim (63%) and Drorit Wertheim (37%).


In addition to manufacturing and distributing Coca Cola in Israel, the company is the Israeli distributor of major beer brands: Carlsberg and Tuborg as well as Guinness, Leffe, Hoegarden, Stella Artois and Weinshtephen. Through its subsidiary – IBBLS, the company also holds the Israel license from Diageo, an international marketer of alcoholic beverages. The company’s brands include Smirnoff, Smirnoff Ice, Johnnie Walker, Baileys, Gordons and Tabor Wines.

The group, in partnership with the European dairy company Müller, markets and distributes Müller products in Romania.

Additional subsidiaries include: Keshet, IBBL; United Romanian Breweries (URB); Prigat, Neviot, Mashkar, Tara and Store Next.

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