Telrad Networksטלרד נטוורקס

Head office: 1 Bat Sheva St., P.O.B. 6118, Lod, 7120101, Israel Tel: +972-73-2467164

The company operates in the field of communication. It provides solutions in the fields of wireless connection, communication equipment and networks, communication infrastructure, cyber and IT, as well as operating projects in the fields of logistics, implementing systems, managing databases and providing digital mapping services.

Involvement through Oasis:

In 2018, the company’s subsidiary Oasis Communications provided information security services to IPS for NIS 31,740.

Involvement through the fully-owned subsidiary Magalcom:

Magalcom is a private Israeli company operating in integrative communication, computing and security solutions and services and data security.

Services to the Israeli military:

In January 2021, the company was contracted to provide multimedia and passive communication services to the Israeli military ICT data center in the Naqab (Negev), in a total amount of NIS 90 million (). The contract includes the planning, establishment and maintenance of the communication services. The maintenance services period will last for 21 years after accomplishing the establishment stage.

In August 2020, the company was awarded two contracts with the Israeli Ministry of Defense (IMOD), in a total amount of NIS 185 million (). The first contract includes providing communication infrastructure for the Israeli military units and forces for a period of two years, including the option to extend the contract by two optional periods, each of which is for one year, or parts of it. The second contract includes installing cameras, video management systems and advanced analytics solutions for a period of three years with the option of extension for an additional year.

Services to the Israel Prison Services (IPS):

The company is a major supplier for the Israel Prison Services (IPS). It provides security services, peripheral protection systems, surveillance and security systems to the various IPS facilities

The company provides services to several IPS prisons where Palestinian political prisoners are incarcerated. The company provided security services to Ofer prison in a total amount of NIS 1,372,614.59 between 2017 and 2019. Additionally, the company provided technological services to the prison sections` entrances and gates, including the entrance to the Ofer military court, in a total amount of NIS 180,998 between 2018 and 2021. Ofer prison, located in the occupied West Bank, includes a military court which judges detainees from the West bank on a daily basis. Additional services to Ofer prison include the installation of cameras and providing technological services to the Ofer military court.

Additionally, the company was awarded six contracts to provide security services and cameras installations to Eshel prison, and Ohalei Keidar detention center, in a total amount of NIS 2,078,367.6 million between 2017 and 2019. Both Eshel and Ohalei Keidar are part of the Beersheba prison complex in the Naqab (Negev) where Palestinian political prisoners are incarcerated or held in isolation and held in isolation in several cases.

Additionally, the company was awarded three contracts to provide services to Nafha prison in a total amount of NIS 382,035.72 between 2017 and 2018 (and NIS 87,750 in 2018 for joint services for Nafha and Ayalon prisons). Moreover, the company was awarded eleven contracts with the Shatta (Shita) prison, for the provision of security services and camera installation, in a total amount of NIS 149,527.21 in 2018, and one contract to provide security services, including cameras installations, to Gilboa prison, in a total amount of NIS 117,533.4 in 2017. In addition, the company was awarded two contracts to provide security services and cameras installations to Shikma prison and interrogation center, what Palestinians call “Asqalan” prison, in a total amount of NIS 312,820.39 in 2019.

Moreover, the company was awarded six contracts to provide security services and camera installations to Kishon interrogation center, what Palestinian call “Al-Jalameh”, in a total amount of NIS 83,922.06 between 2018 and 2019.

In 2015, the company, alongside the Israeli private company Top Sky Line Engineering, won an IPS tender for the supply, maintenance and installation of security (low voltage) systems in IPS facilities.

Services to the Israeli Police:

In July 2021, the company was awarded a contract by the Israeli Police to supply and install passive communication equipment in a total amount of NIS 5 million.

In April 2021, the company was contracted by the Israeli Police to supply and install passive communication equipment, ancillary computing equipment and communication and computing solutions in a total amount of NIS 4,400,000. Additionally, the company won a tender with the Israeli Police as a secondary winner, which can replace the primary winner the private Israeli Company Shamrad, to provide security systems and operational equipment.

In 2020, the company provided services to Anata\ Al-Issawiya checkpoint project, also called “the ring checkpoint” located in the Eastern Ring Road (road 4370). The checkpoint connects road 437 and road 1 and crosses occupied land in East Jerusalem. According to the NGO Machsom Watch, Palestinian residents of the occupied West Bank are prohibited from passing through the checkpoint.

Between 2019 and 2020, the company was contracted by the Israeli Police to conduct a multitude of activities, such as providing security services to police stations, including services to the stations located in the district called “Judea and Samaria”, which is the Israeli name for the occupied West Bank, and provided services for municipal policing in the settlement of Beitar Illit.

Additionally, the company provided services to the Israel Border Police (Magav), including the Magav district located in the occupied West Bank, and to the instructional base of Magav called “Bahad Magav” located near Beit Horon settlement in the occupied West Bank, in a total amount of NIS 706,149 between 2019 and 2020.

Moreover, the company provided services to special units involved in repression and crowd control such as the cavalry unit, used to repress demonstrations, and Yoav unit in charge of facilitating the dispossession of Palestinian Bedouins in the Naqab (Negev) region.

In 2010, the company was contracted by the Israeli Police to supply and install passive communication equipment in a total amount of NIS 4 million.

Services to settlements:

In 2019, the company won a tender to supply, install and provide services for technological systems for the settlement of Oranit in the occupied West Bank.

Population and Immigration Authority:

In 2021, the company executed computing projects for the Population and Immigration Authority, in total amount of NIS 61,738.82.

Ministry of Environmental Protection:

In December 2020, the company provided maintenance and renovation of communications infrastructure in Beit El settlement in occupied West Bank, as part of the Ministry of Environmental Protection (activity.


Involvement through the fully owned subsidiary Geoda:

Land Registration in East Jerusalem:

In 2020, the Israeli Ministry of Justice contracted Geoda to lead the process of land registration in East Jerusalem.

As part of the contract, Geoda is responsible for assigning a project manager and an expert in the field of measurements, who will be in charge of providing service to all of the other teams.  Geoda also assists in managing the work on the ground, preparing tenders for conducting measurements, managing the tenders and the contracts and making sure everything is implemented on time. The company also provides an office and other relevant necessities for the different teams. In a field visit conducted by Who Profits team to Jerusalem, a researcher in another organization confirmed that the people conducting measurements on the plots are individuals contracted by a company “registered in Tel Aviv”.

The period of the contract between the company and the ministry is 24 months, with an option to extend the period with additional 12 months. The total duration of the contract must not extend beyond 84 months.

The land registration process might lead to confiscation of lands and a mass Palestinian dispossession in the city. This process threatens to confiscate around 60% of the Palestinian properties in Jerusalem, under the pretext of lack of official documentation, absentee properties, Jewish ownership and others. For more, read who Profits report…



In 2020, the company was contracted by the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) for the support of the “illegal construction” system operated by COGAT for NIS 20,000. The system is a specialized system that was developed in 2014 by Geoda based on COGAT’s needs. Through the system, COGAT manages tens of thousands of “illegal construction” files in the West Bank. In 2018, a new tender was published for the development of a new system to replace the current one, and until the new system is implemented Geoda will continue maintaining the existing one.


In January 2022, the company published that it is leading the Israeli Prison Service’s (IPS) digitization process, including scanning, deciphering and computing data, as well as archiving services and micrography.


The company is publicly-traded on TASE under the ticker symbol TLRD.

A major shareholder of the company is Fortissimo Capital Fund GP, L.P, a limited partnership headquartered in the Kamen Islands, which operates as the general and managing partner of Fortissimo Fund. Fortissimo owns 41.09% of Telrad’s shares.

In May 2022, it was reported that the company will be purchased by the telecom company Liquid Intelligent Technologies. The company estimates the purchase to be complete within a few months. If the purchase materializes, Liquid Intelligent Technologies would establish a new company to purchase the entire shares of Telrad and Telrad’s shares would be delisted from the stock exchange.

CEO- Moti Elmaliach


Magalcom Ltd. (100%); Oasis Communication Technologies Ltd. (100%); Marment Organization and Project Managmenet Ltd. (100%); Geoda- Lands and Property Management & Infromation Ltd. (100%); Telrad Chile S.A. (99%); Telecomunicaciones y Radio Telrad Networks Mexico SA. (99%); Telrad Peru S.A. (99%); TLRD Argentina S.A. (89.1%) Telrad Paraguay (99%); Telrad Columbia (99%); Hiver Technologies Ltd. (55%).

In 2021, Telrad Networks announced its acquisition of WaveIP’s business operations as well as the company’s WipAir product portfolio, including its Wi-Fi 6 technology.


In 2021, the company partnered with Redzone to complete an infrastructure rollout.

In 2021, the company partnered with Edesur Dominicana SA to provide core infrastructure for the company’s private LTE network.

In 2021, Telrad was enlisted by Fast Network Limited (FASTNET), an Internet service provider based in South Sudan, to provide the key technologies for migrating the ISP’s WiMAX infrastructure to unlicensed LTE.

Oasis communication Technologies` partners include: Cisco, Ericsson, DellMec, HPE, Incognito, Nutanix and VMware.

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