A multinational engineering company specializing in water and waste-water systems.

The company has developed the master plan for Jerusalem's waste-water treatment system.  The system includes three sewage treatment plants in Jerusalem and its surroundings: the western (the Sorek-Refa’im) Plant that has been operating since 1999, Two more plants – Homat Shmuel and Nebi Musa – will treat the sewage of the eastern basin of Jerusalem. The construction of these two has began in 2008.  

The Western Sewage Treatment Plant (Sorek) serves the settlements around Jerusalem such as Giv’at Ze’ev and Beithar Iilit. This facility wasn't designed by Tahal (It operates since 1999) but it will be integrated into the company's sewage master plan.

The Eastern Sewage Treatment Plant (Nebi Mussa) will treat sewage from the north-eastern neighborhoods of Jerusalem (Neve Ya'akov and Pisgat Ze'ev), from Ma’aleh Adumim, Ma'aleh Adumin Industrial Zone and from a few more easterly settlements: Adam, Anatot, and Mitzpeh Yericho. The treatment plante is being build in the area of Nabi Mussa in the Occupied Jordan Valley, on a 200 dunam plot will be used for aerated lagoons. According to Tahal's design the plant will have the potential to treat sewage from the Og basin and from the Kidron Vally.
The Eastern Plant will replace the Og Reservoir, located near the Dead Sea, which is temporarily being used as a sewage treatment plant,. The reservoir will continue to be used as a reservoir for treated effluent used in date Trees irrigation within the settlement farms in the occupied Jordan Valley.

The company was also contracted by the Association of Towns in the Ayalon Region, located between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, to dispose and reclaim waste-water from the Ayalon Region. This purified waste-water will be used for irrigation of cotton, citrus, avocados, vineyards and industrial crops in the Ramla and Latrun areas, parts of which are located beyond the green line. During this project, a water reservoir was constructed in the Latrun Valley in the occupied Palestinian territories. 

Tahal was also contracted by the Israeli Ministry of Defense to construct roads and Infrastructural works for the Zikkim Military Base in the value of 15 million USD.