Supergum Industriesסופרגום תעשיות

11 Soncino St. Tel Aviv 6721611, Israel Tel: +972-39367682 | POB 54, Barkan I.Z. 44820, Occupied Palestinian Territory Tel: +972-39365692

A private Israeli company that manufactures and markets rubber and plastic products for automotive, security and military industries.

Supergum’s rubber and plastic factories are located in the Barkan Industrial Zone in the Barkan settlement in the occupied West Bank. The company’s plastic factory was previously located in the industrial zone of the West Bank settlement of Maale Efraim. Its subsidiary, Impertech Industries, also has its main factory in the Barkan IZ. The company is one of two companies that manufacture gas masks exlusivey for the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

In 2013, Supergum received a governmental grant of NIS 4,685,000 from the Israeli Ministry of Economy, in accordance with the Encouragement of Capital Investments Law – 1959 to expand its factory for protective and technical products in the Barkan IZ.

The company is a supplier of the Israeli military. Supergum manufactures CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) protective equipment for the Israeli Home Front command in its rubber factory in the Barkan IZ.

Supergum manufactures crowd control weapons such as plastic clubs, shields for police officers and lighting kits for marking and warning suited for use in checkpoints. The company also manufactures weapon parts like rifle butts, rifle clasps, M-16 rifle shutters, Negev rifle handles and a rifle cleaning shoots.


Owned by Yehuda Gescheit, Ilan Gescheit and Eilon Ronel.

Directors: Yehuda Gescheit and Eilon Ronel.

Part of the Supergum Group.


Impertech Industries, owned by Yehuda Gescheit, Ilan Gescheit and Eilon Ronel.

The Supergum Group also includes Supergum Agencies and Supergum (1983) Manufacture of Rubber & Plastic Products.

Supergum has two logistical facilities in the US and Germany.



The company has a partnership with the American company Navistar, which trained Supergum to be a direct supplier through the company’s factory in the illegal settlement of Barkan and Navistar’s subsidiary International.

Supergum is the exclusive Israeli marketer of: The American Flexitallic Group, an international manufacturer and supplier of industrial sealing products based in Houston, Texas USA with offices in the UK and China; Trelleborg, a global engineering group of polymer technology based in Trelleborg, Sweden; Grupo Oria spain, a steel company based in the Basque region in Spain; The ATTwater Group, UK, development and manufacture of industrial laminates and insulation materials.

Company customers also include Egged, MAN (Germany) Crown Automotive, Johnson Controls (Automotive System Group), the Swedish army and GIAT Industries (France).

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