Superbusסופרבוס הסעים ותיור בע"מ

10 Har Atzmon St. Ramla IZ 72100, Israel Tel.: +972-8-9204455


A private Israeli provider of public transportation. The company also operates private tour buses.

The company operates several bus lines to and from the settlement of Modi’in Illit in the occupied West Bank. Additionally, it operates a bus line that crosses the Green Line into the occupied West Bank in the Latrun interchange.

From 2002 to 2013, Superbus operated public transportation in Modiin Illit. In 2013, the company lost the tender and Kavim took over its Modiin Illit operations.

The company previously operated a parking garage for buses in the Atarot settlement industrial zone in the occupied West Bank.


The company is privately owned by Yitzhak Saluki and Auto Chen Ltd, a private company owned by the Belilius family.

Chairman: Eli Belilius

CEO: Eyal Wax


The company holds shares in Superbus Haamakim, through a limited partnership with Iruschen Ltd, Yitzhak Saluki and Auto Chen Ltd.



Clients include: National Police Academy, the Israeli Ministry of Defense, Israel Railways and Jerusalem Municipality

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