Manufacturer of petrol, gas tanks, and pressurized air tanks. The company is also a provider of heavy metal work, as well as logistical services. Among the company’s clients are Mekorot, Amisragas, Paz, Supergas, and the state of Israel. 

Its production facility is located in the Nitzanei Shalom industrial zone, which is a West Bank settlement. 

The company's facility processes dangerous chemicals which contributes to the pollution discharged into surrounding land and water system, affecting the neighboring Palestinian population.  

In addition, the Palestinian workers in the company's facility suffer poor working conditions and low safety measures. In fact, three Palestinian workers have been killed during their work on three different occasions: 2000, 2002, and 2008. Workers also suffer from low wages. According to workers at the facility, the company payed them 9 NIS per hour while 25 NIS is the minimum hourly rate set by the Israeli law. The company's response in 2010 was that Palestinian workers are subject to Jordanian law and not Israeli law, a claim that was refuted by a High Israeli Labor Court precedent in 2007.