A human resources company which provides cleaning and security services. 

One of the companies that were hired by the Israeli Ministry of Defense to operate the checkpoints in the southern part of the West Bank and the Gaza strip, along with Modi'in Ezrachi, which operates the checkpoints in the northern part.   

Sheleg Lavan operated the Erez checkpoint, yet currently it is operated by the Israeli security authorities. 

Currently, Sheleg Lavan operates and provides security guards and checkers to at least seven checkpoints in the West Bank: TarqumiaMeitarMaccabim, Habik'a, Eliyahu, Hashmonaim and Sha’ar Efraim.

In December 2014, Palestinian workers refused to pass through the Sha’ar Efraim checkpoint because of its harsh conditions and the maltreatment by Sheleg Lavan security guards operating it. Later that month, one worker died at the checkpoint from these harsh conditions. See more information (in Hebrew) here