Shamir Saladsסלטי שמיר 2006 בע"מ

31 Shoham St. Barkan IZ Occupied Palestinian Territory Tel: +972-3-9067744

A private Israeli company that manufactures and distributes pre-packaged chilled salads, dips and spreads.

The company’s main factory is located in the Barkan industrial zone in the settlement of Barkan in the occupied West Bank. The company labels and markets its products overseas as “made in Israel”, although they are manufactured in the Barkan factory.

The company has also violated the labor rights of Palestinian employees. In 2013, a worker who brought a lawsuit against the company for payments owed to him (such as holiday and vacation, overtime and sick pay) was immediately fired. An Israeli court ruled the decision in violation of the worker’s basic rights. Similar lawsuits have been brought forth by other Shamir Salads employees.

Until 2016, the company was the sole supplier of salads to the Israeli military.


Privately owned by Amiram Guy and Yaakov Ginsburg.

CEO: Amiram Guy


The company is the sole provider of Shufersal pre-packaged salads private label. In 2017, it signed a seven year agreement with Israeli company GVK Cooling Solutions to upgrade and provide maintenance to its Barkan factory.

In France, the company supplies to the supermarket chains Carrefour, Auchan, Leclerc, and Farnprix. In the UK, it supplies to OU Kosher. In Germany, Shamir supplies to Edeka, the largest supermarket chain. In Taiwan, it supplies to supermarket chains such as City Super and Breeze.

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