RT LTA Systems אר טי אמצעים מתנפחים

P.O.Box 711, 10 Nahal Snir St. Yavne 8122447, Israel Tel: +972-8-9433616 www.rt.co.ilֿ

A developer and manufacturer of surveillance and reconnaissance balloons.

In the summer of 2014 the company supplied the Jerusalem Municipality five surveillance balloons as part of the security apparatus of the Jerusalem light rail in occupied East Jerusalem. The model deployed in East Jerusalem was the SkyStar 180, three of the balloons were equipped with high quality network-connected video cameras, which stream pictures in real time to police units on the ground and the other two were decoys used for deterrence. One of the balloons was positioned in the Palestinian neighborhood of Shuafat and one in the settlement neighborhood of the French Hill.

RT’s chief client is the Israeli army. The company’s first prototype was developed according to the specific requirements of the Israeli army. Today the combat intelligence collection unit uses the SkyStar 180 and 300 aerostats for collecting tactical intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. The aerostats are provided to the army under a multiyear leasing contract with the Israel Ministry of Defense. In Israel, SkyStar systems are equipped with the Speed-A payload by Controp Company.

The SkyStar made its operational debut in Gaza in 2006, in Cast Lead incursion into Gaza in 2008-2009, RT teams operated two systems and by the 2014 attack on Gaza (Operation Protective Edge), the Israeli army operated 13 RT balloons.


The company is owned by Rami Shmueli and Aeronautics Defense Systems.

CEO: Rami Shmueli


Controp which is another subsidiary of Aeronautics Defense Systems is RT’s subcontractor of choice for the supply of stabilized electro-optical payloads.

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