Rotshtein Real Estateרוטשטיין נדל"ן

Head office: 49 HaSivim St., Yanai Park, Building No. 6, Petah Tikva, Israel Tel: +972-73-2555444

A public Israeli construction and real estate company. The company was responsible for the construction of Israeli military and governmental facilities, as well as, factories for Israel’s aerospace industries and IMI (Israel Military Industries).

The company is involved in a construction project in Givat Ze’ev settlement in occupied West Bank.

The company is also involved in construction projects in Har Homa, Gilo, Neve Yaacov and The French Hill settlements in occupied East Jerusalem.


Major shareholders: Avni Shoham (75.89%) and Avishai Ben Haim (3.36%)

CEO- Avishai Ben Haim


City People of Rotshtein Group Ltd (51%); Rotshtein Real Estate Urban Renewal Ltd. (100%); Rtoshtein Mordot Hacarmel Ltd. (75%); Rotshtein Be’er Yaacov (77.5%); Rotshtein Shirat Hasharon Ltd. (100%); D. Rotshtein Construction and Initiation Co. Ltd (100%); Rotshtein Givat Ze’ev Ltd (50%); D. Rotshtein Construction and Properties in the Sharon Co. Ltd (100%).

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