Roboteam רובוטים

14 HaAhim Mislavita St.,Tel Aviv 6701025, Israel

A developer and manufacturer of combat robots.

The company is headquartered in Israel, with production facilities in the US and a technical support lab in Australia.

The company supplies robots to the Israeli military. In 2014, its robots were used by the Israeli military during its 50-day attack on Gaza, which left over 2,200 people dead.

The company’s robots are developed in close coordination with the Israeli military and designed for its needs. In collaboration with the Israeli military’s mainland technology division, the company developed the Israeli military’s first battlefield robot, Roni (Hebrew acronym for “dedicated portable robot”).

Roni is designed to be carried by a soldier in combat. It’s mainly used for mapping, particularly in built-up and underground areas. It is operated by remote control, weighs only 9-15kg and has a camera with the ability to record 360 degrees. It can climb stairs, and carries low weight objects.




Major shareholders: HighSea International Investment Ltd., Trader Financial Holdings Limited, Rock Swift Limited, Generali Financial Holdings FCP-FIS-SUB Fund 2, Yossi Wolf, Elad Levy, Hu Maytt.

CEO’s:  Yossi Wolf, Elad Levy, Ozi Rozn, Etamar Borovetch’, Kwek Hyen Yong and Wei Xiang.


Israeli Military, Trekka Tech

The company’s clients include: Israeli military, Thai military, the UK MOD, Singapore MOD, Swiss MOD, the Canadian Special Forces, New Zealand MOD, and the Italian army and police.

In the US its clients include: the Army, Border Patrol, Marine, Navy, Air Force, FBI, Department of Homeland Security, Combat Terrorism Technical Support, the Special Armed Forces and the Joint Improvised-Threat Defeat Organization.

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