Recanati Wineryיקבי רקנאטי

Head office: 16 Gesher Ha’ets, Emek Hefer Industrial Zone, Israel Tel.: +972-46222288

A private Israeli winery.

The winery sources from vineyards located in the settlement of Kidmat Zvi in the occupied Syrian Golan.

Recanati Winery also sources Marawi grapes from a Palestinian grapes grower in Bethlehem in the West Bank. According to the company, the grower was found through a researcher at Ariel University, a settlement university located in the occupied West Bank, who is also employed as winemaker at the settlement boutique winery Gvaot Winery.

Recanati Winery takes pride in being “the first winery to restore the ancient Marawi variety to wine glasses in Israel and the world.” At present, the Winery is working to replicate the variety in the Upper Galilee region within the Green Line.


Privately owned by Lenny Recanati (83%) through his holdings in Solam Holdings L.R. and the Shaked Family (17%) through Wine Palace Holdings.

CEO: Noam Yaakobi


International distributors: Ferszt GmbH (Austria), Trialia Foods (Australia), Sa Clovis Lesieutre (France), Zohner-Nassi Koschere Weine (Germany), UNCLE SAM’S LTD (Gibraltar), TAH-OR (Netherlands), Marvino Trading Limited (Hong Kong), Bluma s.r.l. (Italy), Dream Studio Co., Ltd (Japan), M&P PAVLINA (Poland), Schmerling AG (Switzerland), Berry Bros. & Rudd (UK), Palm Bay International (USA)

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