Rami Levy Hashikma Marketingרמי לוי שיווק השקמה

Head office: 17 Tzela HaHar, Modi'in, 7178458, Israel Tel: +972- 2-6481843 www.rami-levy.co.il

A publicly traded Israeli company that operates a chain of supermarkets. The company is also active in the field of communications.

The company operates branches in the settlements of Beitar Illit, Geva Binyamin, Gush Etzion, Ariel and Mishor Adumim in the occupied West Bank. It also operates branches in Ramot settlement neighborhood and Atarot settlement industrial zone in occupied East Jerusalem.

In 2018, the company opened a shopping mall in Atarot settlement industrial zone which includes 50 businesses.  The mall is located on a 17.5-dunam (4.375-acre) lot and has 25,000 square meters of built-up space.

In 2011, the company won a tender to build a mall in the settlement of Ariel in the West Bank. The mall takes up 4,000 square meters of land, and includes branches of Fox, Castro and Nitzat Haduvduvan.

The company’s subsidiary, Good Pharm, also operates a branch in Ariel.

Cofix, a subsidiary of Rami Levy, operates a branch in the Old City of Jerusalem. Cofix also operates a branch in Salah Al-Din street in East Jerusalem.

Through its subsidiary, Rami Levy Hashikma Marketing Communications, the company markets cellular communication services and end devices at cheap rates. The company’s cellular phone services are based on the network and physical infrastructure of Pelephone communications, which has stationed hundreds of antennas and telecommunication infrastructure facilities on occupied land in the West Bank and the Syrian Golan.


Major shareholders: Rami Levy (39.46%); MSD Fund (5.18%); Phoenix (5.41%).


Switch B. I Core systems Ltd. (50%); Rami Levy’s Club Ltd. (80%); Good Pharm Ltd. (50.01%); Cofix Group Ltd. (50.39%); Hashikma N. G. N. International Communications 015 Ltd. (40%); Rami Levy Hashikma Communications Ltd. (100%).

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