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International provider of wireless broadband systems, part of the Rad-Bynet group.

Radwin’s wireless video surveillance transmission system, WinLink 1000, was installed in Ir David (City of David) settlement project in occupied East Jerusalem. The system installation was provided by Mer Group, as part of the “City Without Violence” project initiated by the Israeli government in 2008. The project, which includes the installation of surveillance and security cameras, is deployed in dozens of Israeli municipalities, including the settlements of Ariel, Alfei Menashe, Givat Zeev, Ma’ale Adumim, Kdumim and Beit Arie.

Radwin is also providind systems for different projects executed by the Rad-Bynet group. These projects includes a new telephone system with a biometric voice verification system, implemented by Bynet computer communication in 33 prisons of the Israeli prison servicesThe service provider in the project is HOT, breaking Bezeq‘s long term monopoly as the telephone provider of the IPS.
Another project is the new Israeli military city in the Negev desert (the Bahad city), for which the Rad-Bynet group will raise and operate the computer and communication infrastructure, as part of the Mabat Lenegev (Gaze to the Negev) group (including Minrav and Electra).

In addition, Radwin, along with Bynet computer communication, have installed a broad band wireless communication system which enables vehicles on the move to receive video, sound and data for perimeter protection projects in strategic locations of the Israeli security forces. 


Radwin is privately owned by Genesis Partners, Yehuda Zisapel, Zohar Zisapel and Pitango Venture Capital Fund. Part of the Rad Group, which is part of the Rad-Bynet group.

CEO: Sharon Sar


Radwin operates sells offices in the US, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, India and Singapore and operates in over 100 countries worldwide.

The Rad group includes Radwin, sergon networks, Rad computer communication Radwere, Radvision, Radcom, Silycom, Rit, Sanrad, Wisair, Paketlight Networks, Commex Technologies, RADLIVE.
The group’s costumers include AT&T, China Mobile, France Telecom/Orange, Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile.

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