Psagot Ziv Investment and Development (1993) Ltd.
פסגות זיו השקעות ופיתוח (1993) בע"מ

2 Beitar St. Jerusalem 9338601 Tel.: +972- 2-6713666

A private Israeli investments and development company.

Psagot Ziv is building and marketing a residential project in the Pisgat Ze’ev settlement neighborhood in East Jerusalem. The project is executed under a tender of NIS 8.1 million, with development expenses of NIS 12.1 million, awarded to the company on 30 November 2015. According to the tender, Psagot Ziv will build 68 housing units on an area of 2,521 m2 in the framework of Municipal Zoning Plan 11647, which refers to the expansion of Pisgat Ze’ev North to the southwest. The project is part of the Israeli government program Mekhir Lamishtaken (Hebrew: Price for the Resident), which offers apartments at controlled prices to entitled beneficiaries, and is accompanied by Hapoalim Bank.


Director and owner: Moshe Cohen


The company has a joint project with the Minrav Group in West Jerusalem.


Psagot Ziv is a partner and controlling shareholder in Toulouse Construction & Investments Ltd, which executes construction projects in Eilat.

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