Peretz Bonei Hanegevפרץ בוני הנגב

26 Hamasger St.Tel Aviv 67776, Israel Tel:+972-03-5209999

A construction and development company, which builts housing projects in the settlement of Ma’ale Adumim in the occupied West Bank and in the settlement neighborhood of Har Homa in occupied East Jerusalem.

The company completed the construction of three housing projects in Ma’ale Adumim: Midrogei Hapark (48 housing units) Pisgat Adumim (72 housing units) and Nofei Bereshit (98 housing units).

Peretz Bonei Hanegev is currently building a new housing project in Har Homa, named Lev Hahoresh. The 72 housing unit’s project is in initial construction stages and according to the company’s evaluations, will be completed and populated by June 2017.

In June 2014, the Local Planning Committee of Jerusalem approved the construction of additional 172 housing units by the company in Har Homa settlement.

In the 1980’s, the company was involved in two construction projects in the occupied Gaza Strip; Contracted by the Jewish Agency, the Israeli Ministry of Tourism and seven Israeli settlements, the company built a hotel near the Israeli settlement of Neve Dekalim. In addition, the company was also hired by the Israeli authorities to renew and expand Al-Shifa Hospital in the Gaza Strip, a major construction project. This is a clear example of the allocation of major construction projects to Israeli companies on the expense of Palestinian contractors.