Partner Communications (formerly Orange)פרטנר תקשורת (לשעבר אורנג')

Head office: 8 Amal St., Afek Industrial Park, Rosh Ha'ayin 48103, Israel Tel: +972-54-7814190

A public Israeli provider of telecommunications services under the Partner and 012 Smile brands.

The company provides cellular, ISP, ILD and landline services to Israeli settlements in Area C under a non-exclusive license from the ICA, for which it has made bank guarantees of 4.75 million NIS. The company also operates a sales and customer service center in the settlement of Ariel.

As of March 2018, the company has 243 active antennas and telecommunication infrastructure facilities on occupied land in the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) and the Syrian Golan, an additional 13 in no-man’s-land areas and five more under construction as part of its joint network with Hot Mobile. In some cases, Company antennas and communication facilities were erected on privately owned Palestinian land.

The company pays rental and land use fees to Israeli settlements, in some cases for the use of private Palestinian land: Partner paid the local council of the settlement of Beit El thousands of shekels every month to keep communications equipment on squatted Palestinian land just outside the settlement’s jurisdiction. The company also passed regular payments to the cooperative society of Migron outpost for 12 years.

Additionally, the company enjoys the structural advantages of Israeli cellular services providers over Palestinian competitors in the Palestinian market. The company operates four sales and customer service centers in Palestinian neighborhoods in occupied East Jerusalem, an area that is off limits for the Palestinian cellular companies and therefore constitutes a captive market.

As part of its social responsibility policy, the company sponsors two Israeli military units, the Ezuz armored battalion and the Shachar search and rescue unit, through the provision of sports days, entertainment activities and training. During the attack on Gaza in the summer of 2014, Partner was on the front lines providing material support, cellular services and entertainment to the Israeli soldiers. The company also waived service fees for soldiers during the 2014 assault.

Under Israeli law, the Prime Minister has the authority to order Partner to provide services to the army. Under the Israeli Equipment Registration and IDF Mobilization Law – 1987, the state can take the company’s facilities and equipment for the use of the army.


The largest shareholder in the company is S.B. Israel Telecom (29.37%), an affiliate of the Los Angeles-based private investment firm Saban Capital Group.

Other shareholders include: Psagot Investment House (9.58%), Phoenix Excellence Group (6.89%) and Meitav Dash Group (5.38%)

The company is publicly traded on Nasdaq Stock Exchange and Tel Aviv Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol PTNR.

CEO: Isaac Benbenisti


012 Smile Telecom Ltd. (100%) and 012 Telecom Ltd. (100%), Partner Future Communications 2000 Ltd. (100%)

Wholly-owned Limited Partnerships: Partner Land-Line Communication Solutions, Partner Communication Products 2016

Partially owned subsidiaries: P.H.I Networks (2015) Limited Partnership (50%)


Amazon Prime Video, Hot Mobile

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