OTI On Track Innovationsאון טראק אינובישנס

ZHR Industrial Zone POB 32, Rosh Pina 12000 Tel: +972-4-6868000 www.otiglobal.com

Develops microprocessors for contactless smart cards. The company was subcontracted by EDS to develop and provide the contactless smartcard technology, and dedicated data security systems for the Basel Project.

The Basel System is an automated biometric access control system for Palestinian workers, installed in major checkpoints such as the Erez checkpoint (Gaza), Sha’ar Efrayim and Bethlehem checkpoints (West Bank).


Chairman, President and CEO: Oded Bashan.


OTI America, OTI Africa, Asec (Poland), InSeal Contactless (France), MCT, Parx, EasyPark.

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