One Software Technologiesוואן טכנולוגיות תוכנה בע"מ

1 Ha'hamal St. Park Afek, Rosh Ha'hain 48092, Israel Tel: +972-39767800

A publicly traded Israeli IT company.

In 2006, Tescom Software Systems Testing, a wholly owned subsidiary of the company, opened an IT outsourcing center in the settlement of Modiin Illit in the occupied West Bank, employing ultra-orthodox Jewish women settlers.

In 2013, the company won a NIS 700,000 tender to provide computers and servers maintenance to the Israeli military.

The company’s subsidiary One1 Security Computerization Projects Division has carried out multiple projects for the Israeli military, including the intelligence unit and the air force.


Computer Direct Group is the controlling shareholder in One Software Technologies (50.3%).
Other shareholders include Yelin Lapidot (13.76%), Granot Central Cooperative (8.53%) and Migdal (4.73%).


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IBM, NetSuite, Visual D.G.

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