2/F Block A Tongfang Building Shuangqinglu Beijing  Haidian District 100084 China. Tel: +86 13911551927

The company, originating from Tsinghua University, is a surveillance and body inspection product manufacturer and supplier. The company operates in fields such as railways, highways, ports and checkpoints. The company, through its partner Comodan Far East, has provided mobile X-ray system to Karni checkpoint close to Gaza City. Company cargo security scanners were installed at the checkpoint by AS&E. The company’s cargo scanner is also installed in the Kerem Shalom checkpoint in Gaza.


Major company shareholder: Tsinghua Tongfang (THTF).

Company President: Rong Yongling. Previously Headed by Hu Hafend son of China’s President.


Israeli representative: Comodan Far East.

The company was found liable by the Namibia’s Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) for mass corruption that secured a $55.3 million contract in May 2008 to install Nuctech scanners at customs inspection points across Namibia. The company is now being investigated by the European Union for illegal commercial acts after being accused of ‘illegal dumping’ in a European company.

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